Evaluation of the Workshop Program and Instructor by the Attendees
Section A - Instructor
Please use the following rating scale:
5 = excellent, outstanding performance, very appropriate
4 = well done, appropriate, good
3 = adequate, satisfactory, OK
2 = minimally acceptable, superficially done, borderline
1 = inadequate, not well done, poor
The instructor…
1. Provided objectives and guidelines at the beginning of the presentation so that I knew what I was expected to learn:
2. Presented the content in coherent, understandable fashion:
3. Provided an adequate amount of detail, was neither superficial nor excessively detailed:
4. Demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the subject:
5. Stimulated my interest in the subject:
6. Used wellNdeveloped audiovisuals that complemented the presentation:
7. Provided handouts that helped to highlight the important concepts:
8. Presented the content that was appropriate to my level of knowledge:
9. Used an effective presentation style and mannerisms that did not distract my attention:
10. Invited and stimulated audience participation:
Section B – Program
1. This program (please check all that apply)…
Met the stated objectives.
Will alter my performance in my practice.
Will not alter, but showed that I am doing the right thing.
Will be relevant to my practice..
Made me wish I did not attend it.
Satisfied my expectations..
2. The facilities for presentations were
3. The illustrative material (including the presentation if applicable)